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Parts of Huff Park Playground CLOSED for Renovation and Tree Removal

Parts of Huff Park Playground will be closed until further notice due to renovation and tree removal. Click the link below to learn more about this project...

The decision to remove trees from Huff Park was not taken lightly or without the realization of its impact on shade near the playground and park in general. The Borough had been taking steps to maintain the trees in such a way that would avoid such action. Unfortunately, the health of the trees continued to decline. Earlier this year, emergency work was done on the tree located within the footprint of the 5-12 playground to remove a number of dangling dead branches, any one of which could have presented a serious hazard if it had it fallen. 
Two separate arborists were called in to asses the remaining trees. The arborists did resistograph testing to determine the health of the trees. The cavity testing revealed significant decay (14 - 16 of the 19 inches tested were hollow) that compromised the integrity of these trees. All of the trees in this area were rated either High or Extreme in their risk rating under International Society of Arboriculture standards. Especially with their location in Huff Park close to two playgrounds, the Borough could not take the risk of doing nothing and having a tragedy occur. As such, all trees that posed risk were removed. 
The Environmental Commission is being consulted as to their input on replacement trees that are anticipated to be planted in 2024.